Take your bitcoins out clubbing!

So, now you can finally party for your bitcoins!
The 13th of June, Sweden’s first club to accept bitcoin starts, Decadancia. The location is Hemliga Trädgården Johannesbergsgatan 6 in Midsommarkransen. It´s a reggae/dancehall club and it´s an invitation to anybody that want´s to have  a good time.

Behind the club is Volkhemmet, an initiative to share ideas and develop community living in Stockholm. So be prepared to have interesting discussions about that on the dancefloor 😉

You can both get the ticket online, or in the door. And your bitcoin is accepted in the bar as well. This is the reason why they wan´ts to accept bitcoin. Bitcoin is for us is a payment system that suits as perfectly, and goes hand in hand with our vision for creating a new type of sustainable living solution to Stockholm. We think it´s more strange that clubs have NOT yet started to use bitcoin, considering how easy it is to use.

In the bar you will find everything you need, to excellent prices and in the booth both excellent VJs´s and dj´s.
The goal is to get you in a decadent spiritual cosmic state says the producers of the club. Well, we don´t know about that, but it sounds fun enough to spend some Satoshis on 😉



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